More of ESKIMO boy

Here are more pic of the gorgeous ESKIMO boy





















Hey guys,

Does anybody know who is the cute young actor (on the left)?

He played Jack, the nephew of Burly (the guy in the middle) in the 22th episode of season 6 of the TV show Parks and Recreation. I couldn’t find the name of the actor and he wasn’t listed on IMDB.



31 thoughts on “More of ESKIMO boy

  1. Try, it’ll help if your know the name of the character he played! for TV series, it will list all of the seasons, select the season he was in, then the episode! then select All Cast and Crew! you’ll get a scroll down list.

    I hope that helps! smile

  2. I thought I was going to be seeing an actual Eskimo boy when I saw the title, but it was a HOT boy who wasn’t one wearing Eskimo brand underwear. I AM DEFINITELY NOT COMPLAINING! HOT HOT BOY! Alaskan Dave.

  3. Oh my and oh boy – he is totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect from head to toes – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boy. I have no idea who the other boy is but he is totally cute too.

  4. Sweet and Creamy Like an Eskimo Pie Ice Cream… heart This boy does have it all…He is actually “Pretty” too! I love this boy!! Very alluring,Love the messy hair..Oh and that pit shot…OMG shock dash Great boy! good….and Yes that boy in the T.V. shot IS a cutie…Let us know and post him if you find out his name,I can see why your interested.!

    • Yeah that would be a HARD one laugh for sure. William is so so sexy gorgeous but so is This boy? Wish there were shots of William at this age to compare.Both are in my AoA So id like to try both….. chuckle

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