16 thoughts on “Anybody Remember this gorgeous hunk?

  1. Who would not remember that candy. Home Improvement, Man of the House, Pinocchio, Simba’s voice in Lion King and Wild America. He was my crush when I was a teenager just like him, since we are the same age.

  2. I totally remember him but i waz never really a fan=i never cared for his look, his acting, his character maybe=give me a young kocky kirk cameron or over the edge matt dillon or vincent spano instead ¡¡!! Or Willis from Different Strokez could dominate uncle d. cat wacko

  3. Last I have seen him on television was another tim allen show where he was going out with Tim Allen daughter but it was never a show I followed so I dont remember the name of it just remember in the few times I have seen it and JTT was in it they made joke in reference to home improvment

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