16 thoughts on “Asian and Indian delights

  1. #4 does it for me. Every time I see him. He’s been on different post on here before. inlove

    #5,6. Hot but would look hotter a bit older. good

    # 9,10. Hotter than the sun but like to see them when there a bit older. dash

    #8 Report for training tomorrow. diablo inlove

  2. I waz wondering, Bangkok or Phuckett Province i think itz called=such great namez when said in English, is it that juvenile funny in other languagez¿? smile laugh i do wanna spend sum time soon in both partz of Thailand just to see. This post had sum awesumely deliciozo boy flavorz & last boy may be thai but definitely a uncle d knockout bloww among a few otherz like teen on far rite of #1 & 2, then 3, 4, 6 & 7 can join my kub kiub also. cool

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