40 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 30

  1. #2 & 7 are knockout blowwz for uncle d. = the last pic is of me & my cuddly kitty with CLAWZ,as i named him, this pic waz us just yesterday before we both grew old suddenly. cat He’z curled up right next to me on sofa watching free new cmc muzic vidz with few commercialz also online & moviez on my too many TVz. gamer

    • I love all pictures showing obviously love or strong friendship between 2 boys. I suppose you saw the stunning video, here, with the love between 2 boys in a scout camp or something like that. For me it is the best video of love over all, absolutely ALL that I have ever seen, even in true reality ! Because it is true reality ! I’ll never forget it hug joy

  2. All the boys are very cute my favs are #7 Oh what I could show him about making movies… laugh #9 Cute twins-zies….#10 How I wish I was that kitty…OMG That boy is so damn cute!! joy dash I wish I could see more of that Beautiful face…So Hot! Thanks G good heart

    • Thank you very much ! Unfortunately, I don’t know any other picture of the boy with the kitten, in #10 but, indeed, this picture is lovely, absolutely wonderful for me, a BLCL (Boy Lover Cat Lover you guest) joy cat

  3. Every time I see Jimmy I can’t get a certain video of him out of my head. He’s humping a pile of pillows, rather well. Gave me a whole new opinion of him I never had before. Wishing I was those pillows. HOT BOY!

  4. Oh my and oh boys – the last 3 pics are too much – all of these boys are totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys. Thanks for the pics.

  5. wow i love you for the 2 pic of my number 1 fan on this site is jimmy
    pic 1 is 100% great of jimmy and what a nices bulge he has in those orange shorts
    and pic 6 i like to of young jimmy poseing with a friend i just like all his pic young or older he just make me happy seeing him back on this site please show more of him over the christmas holidays soon good good drinks yes
    and pic 2 is also great this boy is not shy to show of his nices bulge for his age well done son hope to see more of you soon again smile good yes heart
    Jason from the u.k

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