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  1. Seems to be more gay guys on this forum than bi. We need a bi forum with GIRL lovers too, that love GIRLS more than boys. I love me some girly boys like these boys, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to a hot little gorgeous girl!

    • This is a BOYS BLOG and NOT A GIRLS BLOG.

      There are blogs for girl lovers!!

      You say ,,NOTHING compares to a hot little gorgeous girl!” ,

      Do you think all people think like you?

      If you want to argue, leave this blog! It is for boylovers!!!!

    • Okay guys, take it easy. Why does everyone have to be so defensive and imposing of their taste? Yeah i posted this because of the boys (obviously boys are hotter than girls lol. don’t bring up such a comparison in our blog), but if someone comments on the girl that happens to be there, so what? (I like girls too, but not this one).
      Also unfair to bring up the gay/bi generalisation with such a harsh tone – not cool dude.

      • @AlShamin/Milkboy….Geez Its about time someone else is standing up and speaking for what they believe.I was beginning to think I was the only debater on the blog…. gamer I have seen a few comments by guys that are just trying to get a rise out of saying things against boylovers and how they think girls are prettier and that we actually like boys that are cute because they resemble girls etc etc..( I wont name who this member is @ this time) WE know this is complete Bullsh*t We know what we like, I know what I like, So Yeah as *Milkboy says why get all flustered?….They are only on this blog to stir the sh#T or THEY are in denial about their desires. Yes I think girls are cute,they are innocent precious kids and deserve respect and admiration…BUT I do NOT have an attraction for them like I do the boys……by the way Milkboy…Great post and hot boy he is very cute! good heart

        • Agreed. The effortless beauty of a boy is truly special. There are sooo many people on this blog, and literally everywhere, who agrees with us on that. And it can have nothing to do with being gay/bi.

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