Cute Boy does ASMR

I don’t know how many of you are into ASMR vids (videos that trigger a kind of hypnotizing relaxation response), but there is a really cute boy on youtube who posts them.  They’re not the best, but he is so so cute and sweet.  There are some links to his videos below.  I love to put on my headphones and listen to his voice in my ear as I drift off to sleep #wetdreams

8 thoughts on “Cute Boy does ASMR

  1. I like asmr vids, but I didnt know about this cutie doing them. His voice is relaxing and nice on its own, add the asmr stuff he does its just a great combo. For those that aren’t familiar with asmr, the object is to give you tingles and relax you, kinda like goosebumps when someone runs their finger lightly across your skin. Find the right sounds for you, like brushing on carpet or sweeping or hairwashing etc. The 3d binaural ones are the best, and the ones that use the ear mics they can switch the sounds from one ear to another in your headphones. They’re getting popular on youtube lately, but boys like this doing them is even better. Thanks for sharing Trillbertarenas good

  2. I don’t have time to look at vids right now but I never heard of them before – they definitely might come in handy for relaxation or in trying to sleep – but with my bad tech skills, unlikely I can use them.

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