Please pray for Lars

He died of a viral infection after 3 days. This christmas he will celebrate in heaven.

Everybody liked him, really everybody. He had no problems to find new friends, he was very talented.
He loved it to dance, to play football, he was able to do everything.
He had a sister which loved him very deep.

he loved it to bake cakes.









23 thoughts on “Please pray for Lars

  1. Dear Lars, i am crying for you
    I love very little boys with all my soul and heart
    You are for me a little brother
    I love very little boys feet
    My big hope is to meet you soon to be with you forever in the other dimension to kiss your feet forever

  2. so sad at this time of the year
    R I P wee LARS and God bless you lars
    why dose god take away all the nices boys
    i will pray for you when i will look up in the sky tonight and look out for the shineing star in the sky and i will also pray for your family so they have some comfort at this sad time .
    good night wee lars until we all meet up at the golding gates in heaven. please angels look after wee lars please rest in peace my son .
    from Jason in the u.k

  3. So sad – he was a beautiful and happy boy – what a terrible tragedy. He was an angel on earth and now he is angel in heaven – rest in peace sweet boy. Thoughts, prayers, and condolances to his family and friends and hope they find peace.

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    heart heart θανασης10 heart heart

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    Rip buddy your an angel we will miss yousadsad your family is in my thoughts and prayers

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