Shirtless Spergs (First Time Posting Here)

Here are some shirtless spergs (boys with Asperger’s Syndrome) that I found on-line. Enjoy. Let me know what you think, this is my first time posting.

Sperg with baby bottle.

Another image of a sperg with a baby bottle.

Sperg with busy hands and lined-up toys.

Shirtless Sperg in Swimming Trunks
Shirtless Sperg Drawing Angry Birds

A sperg kissing his toy.

Sperg lying near toys.

Sperg trying to eat legos

Creepy looking spreg with busy hands and the sperg stare
creepy sperg

Shirtless sperg playing


9 thoughts on “Shirtless Spergs (First Time Posting Here)

  1. Very interesting pics – many of these boys are very cute. Good to see them being active and playing. Also, interesting that all of them don’t mind being shirtless. They seem to be happy boys too. Congrats on your first post and thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. I’m a sparg too thanks for showing me the reason why I do some things like line up my comic DVDs I used to think it wried I had to have them all lie down up and I also wear nappies uck dummies thanks for showing us how we are still beautiful

    • Wetschoolboy. I posted them to help me build up my self-esteem. Seeing such cute and good looking spergs made me feel good about myself. I am glad they also helped you as well. smile I hope they help many more people. I love to look at pictures of people shirtless and wearing nappies.

    • I posted them because I am a sperg as well and seeing such cute looking spergs really builds up my self-esteem. I am glad they helped you as well, and I hope they help many more people. smile I love looking at pictures of boys in nappies.

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