More braces boys!

There have been a call for more pictures of boys with braces. Since I’m a braces lover I respond to that call. Call him brace face, metal mouth, or railroad tracks but I think a boy with braces looks pretty cool. They make him look so handsome, so adorable and sexxxy! Enjoy, peeps!

Dedicated to you, boyaddicked.


Clayton gets braces

18 thoughts on “More braces boys!

  1. 2 of my favorite about boys I love are boys with braces. And boys with freckles. This is a super fantastic post. Unable to pick a favorite. Thank you for a super flawless post.

    • I just met a boy around 15 or 16 with braces with pretty long eyelashes and brown hair, constantly doing sexy hair flips, we were on a bus and I just sat and watched him the whole time and he liked it, for several days, and he wasn’t the only one, if I could get them off the bus it would be perfect!

  2. Razmus.. shock WoW Thanks For That post and the dedication heart I’m flattered blush …The last time I had a post dedicated to me by name was in an unfortunate negative context laugh I love this post and the boys with their braces good dash inlove They are all very hot and sexy!! squirrel I love them all..#1 never saw him before yummy! Very cute love his face and hair too. joy #2 ( one of my all time favs) Two hot sexy brothers dash dash who I always go back and forth about which one is hotter(They are equally hot so?)#3 who can deny a two-fer Ginger and braces,,!!#4havent seen that one Blondie is sexy too !! yes #5 OMG It was like his lips were right there for me to kiss…definitely has me sprung… chuckle squirrel dash perfect shot!#6 full face and as cute as ever! #7 Freckles blue/grey eyes and a mouth full of silver Ooh baby stop! laugh #8 Interestingly erotic joy If I was that ortho I would be kissing him in between working on him…. yes Thanks again for the post Im going to have nice dreams tonight! penguin

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