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  1. A logo needs to be possibly small.. the font at the bottom is too small. Why not just leave that away? Also, I think the f is too small. In fact ‘of’ is the least significant word that exists, ppl often dont even see it, or asume its there when in fact it is not… Kinda weird to make in red and as big as the B’s. Ie, just “BB” could already stand for (the) Beauty (of) Boys.

  2. I have a fondness for Art Nouveau. Reminds me of Max Parrish work, which I like very much. Strangely what most people didn’t know was he was his own model, and he loved the sheer beauty if boys. I like the art work used, but wouldn’t mind different boys instead of the same one repeated. I’m not as sure about the logo. But then again, I’ve never been sure of most logo’s used today. They usually make sense to the company, as internal meanings, but not that public sense of identity to inspire us with, exception to some classic iconic cars. But it was the shapes of the cars first, then the hard logo’s on the hoods. Logo’s in general, reminds me of branding cattle. I might keep this one as is, except put the whole word Beauty on top, Boys on the bottom, making it read Beauty of Boys top to bottom, clear and readable in meaning that way, then the initials would also be evident all on their own left to right? Don’t give up, art is always a work in progress. Some canvases I can start and keep working on until it’s complete, but most have to develop in their own times, sometimes years. I go back and look through the unfinished ones, then all of a sudden, I know exactly what to do, instead of forcing it. Dave

  3. Hi there. I give you credit for trying something different with logo and header – the current logo and header are just fine and yours is something new and unique – and there is nothing wrong with that. Continue to play around with both and see what happens – I have no specific ideas for either one – but wish you good luck and have fun with it – and congrats on your work.

  4. I am not sure what you are re-designing. I will say that the current header occupies way too much space. I have a large laptop screen and I have to scroll down past the first screen to see the pictures. I think the boys in the current header are beautiful, but it would be nice if they could be changed every so often?

  5. sono.fgod thank you for your efforts and thinking in creating a new logo good I think the idea is really clever how you combine all the information needed in a simple, effective, clear and yet attractive way. I also like the idea of the mirror writing. I just fear the “boys” might be a little difficult to read (it took me a time to figure it out). No offence please, I just want to maybe help with my impression, if I can. Maybe you could write boys in the “normal” way too and still kinda keep the overall concept and design?
    I also really like the writing you used in the header, it’s really cool. I just don’t like the boy so much, but that’s a question of my personal taste (again no offence please). good

  6. oh i did not know, that we need a new banner laugh
    i would prefer a more attractive boy or better boys on the banner too penguin and the used colours must be suitable to the background of the blog.

    it reminds me, that i must change the current theme to the Christmas theme very soon help

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