17 thoughts on “Christmas crackers

  1. Great set of pics. Love #1 beautiful eyes, 4 gorgeous belly button and those feet, 5 sexy pose, 8 innocent , but are they? & 9 those legs. Favourite though is #2 he’s blonde, fun, smooth thighs and is just where I would want him. heart heart heart

  2. #1 What a cute face… dash #2 why does he have to wear undies they’re blocking a good shot of his thingy laugh #6 Boy in a box ..Perfect Christmas gift! yes #8 Two hot boys!! I like the way the boy on the left is crossing his legs..so sexy!! They are doing it I’m sure!! yes dash #9 William sweet sexy William I want you boy… squirrel dash #10 Cute bus boy..I will give him a ride from school… chuckle penguin

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