Hi Guys … I am back

During the last weeks I found some nice boy videos and pics. Enjoy and have fun…

Jude and Connor are two characters (13 to 15 yo) in an American TV series called “The Fosters”. Both boys experience their puberty and check out that they are into each other. There are some nice captures in the following videosmile

Jude and Connor – A CoA Story with a final sweet kiss

Ossi Glossi is a German boy who likes to make-up his face professionally. His real name is Oskar. I like his clear boy-voice and the intelligent way of talking.

Ossi-Glossi … A cute 13 year old boy – Check out his YT Channel

The following picture shows the German movie “The Summer House” from 2014. … a man discovers previously unknown feelings for the 12-year-old son of a friend…    (tragic ending)

The film is hard to find on the internet, but definetly worth to see. The German title is: “Das Sommerhaus”

And at last my new favor that I like very much. I found some very cute and realistic 3D paintings of anime or hentai boys. Please tell me if you like pics like this or not!      


13 thoughts on “Hi Guys … I am back

  1. I have been long interested in writing a program/software dedicated to designing boy art… but it seems too much work for one person… If there are other people here who are good with C++ / openGL, and have time for such a project then I’d love to get in touch smile.

    I’m afraid that I never seem to get email of replies, so please send me a private message.

  2. I have seen the movie The Summer House. Jaspar Fuld is so cute, but the story is quite hard, because it describes a sensitive subject about prohibited feelings of a man to a young kid.

    @Lukas: Why you think there is cild porn? The movie The Summer House is a german cinema production. Or do you mean any other content of Kilians post?

    The anime drawnings look good but its too artifical. heart Real boys heart look so much better chuckle

  3. Uiiiii … What happens here? I can not believe that some of you think I´d posted criminal child porn.

    Dear saschax99 PLEASE feell free to delete content, that could touch any prohibited context.

    So sorry @ all

    I apologize for this action. sorry

    • Sorry. I was just upset that all my comments were suddenly getting marked “your comment is awaiting moderation.” It’s nothing to do with you. I apologize.

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