53 thoughts on “Dream young wrestler

    • No you aren’t weird …well not for that comment anyway… laugh Just kidding with you! heart after all we are called the Human Animal…It IS just Alpha Male dominance yes Its perfectly natural It’s survival of the fittest….although I believe it can be taken a bit too far sometimes….

    • We’re all weird in one way or another, sometimes even more than one like boyaddicked laugh but as a coach seeing it, younger boys wrestling is pretty tame as far as fighting to the alpha. It looks more like a choreographed dance sometimes, the rest of the time it’s just grab and squirm and pin, and really everyone’s a winner with all that going on. I can see it looking alpha ish with the older bigboy 200 pounders wrestling though.

      • @Justmehere1115…..You got that right baby… good I embrace my weirdness to the fullest yes “Weird is Wonderful” laugh And as the childhood adage goes “It takes one to know one” chuckle But I still love ya bro…. hug

  1. They are both Sexy young boys..I would love to be smelling and tasting them both squirrel …I would either lose because I would want to let one pin me because I was too busy smelling and tasting.. yes Or win and be on top so I could be smelling and tasting squirrel Either way I would win…. laugh Great post of two Hot sexy boys… good

  2. There are actually at least three different boys wrestling, two wearing blue suits. The dark brown haired boy in a blue wrestling suit has green accented tennis shoes, then there is another blonde in a blue wrestling suit, with brown accents on his shoes. They’re ALL cute.

  3. You BET,Nellie! Those wrestling classes were ALWAYS the best! While my school’s class didn’t have “proper” uniforms,still,rolling about on our mats,grappling with our classmates was quite enough to arouse even the straightest of us boys! cool

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