45 thoughts on “Dream boy blond in swimsuit (2)

  1. The next dreamboy here today. He looks similar like the boy in the last post. Anyway he’s a stunning beauty and it looks like he knows it. His blonde hair, his eyes, his nice body, his smooth skin… All in one a perfect dream for boylovers

  2. OMG what a doll. Sanspoils you lucky dog to have found this super hot sexy young lad. He goes right up there with Danny, Spencer, Sonny I, Hunter and Tristan in my list of to die for minor males. Thank you for sharing. As with any minor male who really floats my boat he reminds me of a lad I new way back when, if he is as willing as Justin… shock heart joy inlove

  3. Mmmmm yeah he totally turns me on the first post on him was very arousing but this post is just to much Ooof lovely tight speedos smooth body and that arse!!! Mmmm Woof Woof diablo

  4. Oh my and oh boy – he is just too much – he is totally and completely cute, beautiful, gorgeous, awesome, amazing, and perfect from head to toes – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding dreamboat blondie boy – he is a perfect 10.

  5. Oh my (little) god! Computer worries 2 days ago. The son of Santa Claus (12 y) is past and everything is better! penguin
    It’s ok, I lost the mails but not some pictures! no
    I still have the little blond speedo … or other equally exciting. dash
    Mail address out of service, I created another one …Sorry for my rotten English! diablo

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