22 thoughts on “Nature Boy

  1. Absolutely fantastique! Lovely images of perfect, beautiful boys. I especially liked the photos of the boys who are wearing shorts, but all the images complemented the music wonderfully. I particularly like Gandalf’s version of Nature Boy. The piano cover version that followed it was excellent, but I couldn’t place who was playing or whose arrangement it was.

  2. Oh my and oh boy – awesome, amazing, beautiful, and perfect video…music…pics…and boys…wow and holy cow…great work and congrats on a job well done… incredible and outstanding video. good yes smile

  3. This is a wonderful video, thank you Jami. It must have taken a lot of work to put this together. On behalf of all of us, thank you thank you thank you! I hope you have a lovely Christmas.
    My favourite moments are 1.55, 4.20, 5.30
    It’s now my new year’s resolution to put something together like that. Bear with me, guys. Don’t know if I have the technology at my disposal. But I’m sure going to have fun experimenting!

  4. Fantastic video
    For me boys, nature, animals and music are best in the world and utmost purity and innocence as paradise in Earth
    I love very boys feet
    I love their with all my soul and heart to the extent that I would give my life for boys
    Boys are for me as brothers and i think that their must remain boys forever and forever young. I tell this with the tears in my eyes.
    Piano arrangement of the Nature boy is really wonderful
    Thank you for your beautiful post with great selection of beautiful music videos
    I think you like me you love music very much

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