9 thoughts on “Ballet Boys

  1. #2 is amazing. I too like ballet boys (and girls for that matter). They’re always sensitive and artistic and usually very driven and dedicated. I always wonder about their lives and experiences (especially if they attend a full time ballet school like White Lodge in London), and I wonder how they see themselves compared to other more ordinary kids. Sorry, I’m rambling. Thanks for posting. good

  2. Oh my and oh ballet – 1 and boy on right in last pic are too much – totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect – wow and holy cow – outstanding and incredible ballet boys – and the other comments above are well said and very true.

  3. Ballet dancers are fun people, and the boys, despite the rigorous training that they have to go through, always have terrific personalities. I think my favourite is also the boy on the right in the last pic.

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