29 thoughts on “Which Sonny for you?

  1. Longhair Sonny for sure.

    Where’s a good place to find all those old sets?

    I love beauty of boys but if only we had a model share section, this would be the best site on the Web.

  2. They both are very sexy and adorable, but I’m partial to the 1st and original Sonny! he is definitely fit! look at his tummy in the 1st pic! GORGEOUS!

    the other Sonny is very cuddly adorable! hug he’s the kind of boy I’d love to bathe! I bet he’d be lots of fun in the tub! heart diablo shock

  3. Oh my and oh boys – let the sonny shine in….here comes the sonny…they both shine bright in their own special ways but first one is just too much…he is totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – but both are incredible and outstanding boys.

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