A Present for Santa.

Once Santa had finished delivering all the presents to all the good boys in the world, (and that explains why I didn’t get anything), he made the long journey home to the North Pole. When he finally arrived, – guess what! There was a present waiting for him. I hope that boy doesn’t get too cold in the North Pole in those shorts. Ho ho ho.

13 thoughts on “A Present for Santa.

  1. Santa! THE original Boy Lover! laugh shock joy
    Don’t believe me!? he seats boys in his lap! he cuddles them and sometimes pats their leg! then he asks if they’ve been a GOOD little boy!

    I’ve often wondered how many boys answered that question, “My Daddy said I was VERY good, last night!” shock

    food for thought!

    • I bet Santa would be speechless if a boy answered with that one laugh But Santa also gets good little girls to sit on his lap… so I guess santa has alot of ups and downs during the day. I wonder what Santa does at break time shock cool

    • The boy is Santa’s present, and Santa has just given him a present for being his present, so now the boy is giving Santa a present for the present that Santa gave him, and Santa will then give the boy another present for the present that he got from the boy, then….

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