Member’s Choice XXXIII

Which Boy Do YOU like BEST?
Which Do YOU wish to see more pics of?


BOY #1






VS. BOY #2

Thank you for your participation and comments!



36 thoughts on “Member’s Choice XXXIII

    • Yes, no fair. Both have perfect/sexy bodies for their ages. The choice probably comes down to age. Both are a joy to look at. For a competition — perhaps match boys of the same age?

      That said, since there are so many pages with the adorable stunning Pashka, I’ll take more pics of the first boy!

  1. Pashka with out a doubt. Such a beautiful young boy blessed with an awesome sculpted body. A superior young alpha male and a veritable cute little stud muffin. If there are more pics of him shirtless or in Speedos, please post.

  2. OMG! I just “lost it” looking at the incredibly sexy boy in the first photo. He is my perfect dream boy. If I had to choose one boy it would be this doll baby. He is incredibly hot! I love his straight long brown hair, beautiful bangs, gorgeous eyes, and slim body. He is the perfect age (11), and my ideal partner. He caused a massive explosion from me. I would be the happiest man in the world if he was mine. I want the boy in the first photo sooooo badly. He is sooooo sexy and sweet. Sigh!!!!

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