Absolute Incredible X-Mas Edition

Merry Christmas. Here is a summary of the hottest boys you guys have rated in my posts. Which one would you like to have as a Christmas gift? Comment which one and tell me why and I will get u some more of him for New Year ;)

21 thoughts on “Absolute Incredible X-Mas Edition

  1. The orange speedo boy is so perfect, smile, eyes, mischievous twinkle, long coltish legs, firm round bottom, nice package, cute little friend and wonderfully fitting speedo to show case his charms. Than you for all your posts. Tellgren00. yes heart joy hug

  2. I can’t decide. The boy in orange speedos they show off us form an he tanned body. The boy in pic 4,has a beat full smile and the last boy is just so good looking with the perfect body.

  3. Oh my and oh boys – hard to choose a fav – orange speedo boy is just too much and he is perfect from head to toes; as for 5, I just like his pose – he looks like an older guy who just woke up; as for 6, how does he do that handstand – impressive; and as for the last boy, all I can say is his chest is incredible, outstanding, and amazing. Thanks for post – merry Xmas to you, to these boys, and to everyone.

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