Boys Nipples

i don’t know how to start the post , you may find this weird

but im really really into boys big nipples with good shape body

if you want to contact or see my tumblr page you can find it in my bio

if you into boys nipples ‘like me’ please contact me because i feel like im the only one lol

i even made a collection of boys nipples in one image

boys i like with great chest/nipple

– Noah Padgett , the boss , he is number one in my favorite list , there is another post with his pictures , i don’t want to repost the pictures


_ this is a hot boy with fit body , awesome chest and big yummy nipples


(( and One more thing , i love this pose ||arms up|| so much, it makes the chest and nipples HOTTER ))


and here a video about a boy just playing with the camera , and when he started playing with his nipples his mom comes in >< ughhhh


sorry for the short post , i don’t know if you guys will like it or not , i will do more if you like my post smile


19 thoughts on “Boys Nipples

    • lol yup shame on his mum xD he was really getting into it
      im glad i found someone who loves boys nipples ^^
      thank you for your comment
      umm yeah i put it in the website section when i was editing my account
      but i don’t think this website shows it , im just gonna type it here if it’s not against the rules :P
      i didn’t really post so much but you can find some in LIKES

  1. You know how much I love nipples, and Noah Padgett is a fave. I can recognize his two prominent beauties in your collage from a mile away, I don’t recognize Dexter Simonds’ enormous nips in it though … he’s another one you definitely want to search on here!

    • yup i already saw all of your posts and i like them so much ^_^ thank you
      noah padgett is the best man , he has the most amazing body i have ever seen in my life
      yeah i saw Dexter simonds in one of your posts he has AMAZING nipples
      but he is so skinny sorry :P i more into (muscular + wide nipples) boys ^_^ which is so hard to find on the internet
      thank you chad for your comment , i really appreciate it heart

  2. Oh my and oh boys – not many posts on boys nipples – Iam a boy nipple/chest fan as well – although not into the muscular type very much. But all of these pics and videos are too much – totally beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect boy nipples – wow and holy cow – outstanding and incredible. I wonder what would have happened in the last video if that boy’s mom didn’t interrupt him – hmmm…I guess we will never know but hope he posts more videos at some point. Thanks for your post and hope to see more pics and videos of boy nipples/chests soon.

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