Santa’s Little Helpers. With Big Presents In Their Sacks.

Merry Christmas from Santa’s workshop. ;)

Hope u like big parcels?

Who hasn’t had he’s Christmas present yet?

I’m bored. Don’t think anyone likes me . sad

I need a bed. This rocks to hard. smile

Come and see me. When u next go on vacation.

Come and vacation with me to. I’m waiting.

    And remember after your return to your country. I’m here waiting for you .

What ever your country. We’re here for you.

    Wow. Didn’t expect this response. Take your time guys. There’s enough for everyone. So please take your hands away. smile

16 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Helpers. With Big Presents In Their Sacks.

  1. oh my, i think i just kreamed my shortz over theze tasty santa treatz & they just kept kumming & bulging & seducing & to all of u fellow pederastz, have a good nite dreaming of sugarplum prince feast slurpie snax cuz i know i will !! wacko dash joy diablo

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