this boy is a sweetheart and a true inspiration

this is what he looked like before he started growing out his hairwhat it looked like after just a few months of growing it out (yes it’s the same boy XD )at this point his hair has now reached his shouldersand finally after 2 years of growing out his hair this is the result even though he got teased by adults and other kids saying he looked like a girl, that didn’t stop him from growing out his hair because he wanted to donate his hair to someone who didn’t have any.

what he looked like after the hair cutheheh I agree with what his shirt says, this boy IS awesome. he also inspired me to grow my hair out. I just remembered hearing about this boy on a TV show way back in 2012 and I loved his long hair so I thought i’d just post him here, Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “this boy is a sweetheart and a true inspiration

  1. I’m a Survivor of thyroid cancer and have lost many to cancer over the years and this year one of my best friends had to have chemo & lost all his hair but he survived & celebrated the birth of his first grandchild.

  2. Yes definitely a true inspiration and yes, a loving sweet caring child that knows no boundaries for love…His hair is very pretty and silky smooth He is a cute boy and knows what he stands for…Good for him to help cancer survivors ..I dont want to comment any further on the issue cry except to say I love this kid for what he has done for them…. good What a sweetheart…. heart

  3. Oh my and oh boy – he is totally cute, beautiful, sweet, adorable awesome, amazing, perfect, and he has a big and caring heart as he grows his hair out to help others – wow and holy cow – he is definitely a sweetheart and an inspiration – no doubt about it.

  4. The old saying out or the mouth of babes. Well this is out of the actions of babes. We can all learn kindness and generosity from this boy. Hopefully when he grows up he does not turn into a prick ass adult. Please excuse my language.

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