By request more of Sebastian

i am uploading some more of sebastian i hope you like it if you want more then pm me or inbox me i will send you link for his all pics and dont forget to leave your opinion in commemt section

10 thoughts on “By request more of Sebastian

  1. Had a friend like him at school. I soon taught him everything . Then we would put on private shows for old men pedophiles . They would take photos and videos of us for cash Jesus we were rich

  2. I like this kid. He has a scruffy, beat up look to him. I’d love to see some pictures of him playing with other kids or doing some action stuff. Judging from his elbows, looks like he might have done some skateboarding. Thanks for posting. dog drinks

  3. Oh my and oh Seb – he is just too much – totally and completely cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect from hair to chest to toes – wow and holy cow – outstanding and incredible boy – he is the complete package.

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