14 thoughts on “Hot Boy Massages

  1. It is too bad that in this country we are afraid to touch a child like that now. I always loved to have some one rub me. I think it calms and bonds the child and adult in a very good way.
    I would be happy to massage any of the boys.

  2. Robert you are correct. Having trained in muscle release massage when living in Denmark. It is a wonderful and amazing relaxant for both the masseur and the patient,
    Boys that’s legs had gone into spasm 20 minuets of doing a full body release massage and their bodies we just as a lump of soft Play-doh. Some boy,s with inner thigh strain would fully relax resulting in blood rush to a frontal sticky up blood vessel. Always bought a wry smile to me and the patient. Professional no touch zone that blood vessel.
    the down side damaged finger joints. But every plus has a negative.

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