Absolute Dirty 2.1

There is a certain type of boys that are not afraid of rumble in dirt. Which one would like to clean…or even get dirtier? ;)

22 thoughts on “Absolute Dirty 2.1

  1. Oh my and oh dirt – they may be absolutely dirty but I want to see them absolutely clean – and since I can’t help them get clean, I would enjoy watching them get clean since it might take some time – wow and holy cow.

  2. #1 Red,Orange and Green shorts boys…Those boys are the hottest!! dash #2 Oh I remember a boy in Jr.High I did that too…. He was the most popular and cutest boy in 7th Grade…. yes .We weren’t dirty with mud but after I was through with my dry hump on him I wasn’t clean anymore… shock or dry….Just a little sticky….. chuckle

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