20 thoughts on “Nice Nipples

  1. Great collection of pics! Must say #6 is my personal favourite – he has everything. Blond hair – check. Blue eyes – check. Cute smile – check. Beautiful chest and nipples – check. Arms with a hint of muscle and light hair – check. And as a bonus, white shorts which contrast so nicely with his skin!
    Hard to top that in my opinion…

    • “Cropped”… laugh “Re-sized” laugh …..The sexual euphemisms are priceless.. But please leave his package alone Im sure his thingy doesn’t need any cropping or re sizing… ,Im sure its as sweet as ever! He is one very cute Blond Boy… dash good …Great “plug” by the way…. rtfm

  2. Speaking of “Cropping” The first pic is cropped..the original I saw ( not sure here on bob or what?) Shows his pubies…… yes It doesn’t take anything away from your post but I was curious as to if you cropped it out or did they? Anyhow great selection of boys Cookie77.

      • Oh Im not accusing you of cropping it,I though maybe it got modded and it was deemed inappropriate? and they cropped it……. I was kinda razzing Sinal a bit too…. laugh But yeah There is a version I think it was from BoB ..That I have that shows his V-line and a few light tufts of boy pubes…If I find out where It was from I will ley you know…Great post so no worries…. no good

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