34 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 35

  1. Oh my and oh boys – great artistic pics – my favs are 1 and 3 – they are totally and completely cute, pretty, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys.

  2. wow love the last pic of my number 1 fan Jimmy good good good
    it is always good to see him on the blog please show more of him over the new years holiday
    it will make my new year 2017 enjoy able 100% dog
    what a young boy he is now and now he is in his mid teens and i still like him i witch he had a fan club for members to join . yes
    Jason from the u.k
    and a Happy New Year To all members on this site and on this blog to all the best guys… drinks

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