25 thoughts on “Some beauties

  1. YUP yes All beauties for sure Especially love.. #2 The love they share so cute….#8.”Carrot boy”#9 No I don’t see any PS going on That looks like the natural color of his awesome blue eyes…and that face!! inlove What a cutie pie…. joy

  2. Please take me OFF of your moderation “watchlist” or I will just change my username yes When my comment is accepted it will show that there where NO offenses in my comments and you are now just over moderating and profiling my account. help

  3. Oh my and oh boys – they are all too much – totally and completely pretty, beautiful, cute, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys.

  4. Oh my! blush

    This is such an amazing post, each and every boy in each picture is so beautiful!
    Especially #3, #4 and the boy at the right with the yellow shorts in #5 for me inlove inlove laugh

    Thanks for this marvelous post, Madarus! drinks good

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