32 thoughts on “Loves me Like a Rock

  1. You are so lucky to be able to compose such beautiful and wonderful creations, Your talent is an absolute wonder to me you should be so proud of your own ability you give us blogger’s pure joy time and time again . You are a wonder and inspiration.
    Thank you Jami.

  2. Wow and Wow. Beautiful! penguin heart

    In the hands of the Master of Arts even simplicity can become a beauty. That is Jami.

    J – uvenescent
    A – rtist and
    M – aster of
    I – ngenuity

    I highly SALUTE you! drinks good

    Happy New Year! hug

  3. A truly beautiful presentation! It’s been a dull, wet day here today, and seeing those cute boys basking beneath bright, sunny skies was just what I needed. The entire composition was very sensitive and, as usual, thoughtfully combined with the music. All the boys were gorgeous, but I particularly liked the boys at 0:50, 1:24 and 2:09. Thank you, Jami.

  4. Oh my and oh boys – once again, another masterpiece of video work – you are very talented and thanks for sharing your videos with us – the pics, the music, the boys, and the video are absolute perfection – thanks again – and we love you like a rock, Jami.

  5. There are only two things I hate about your post, and they really have absolutely nothing to do with your wonderful original works of art. 1) Why isn’t there a reverse for when it’s an OMG! moment, I HAVE TO SEE THAT AGAIN! without having to make the full circle to get back again, and 2) it took me 12. 23 minutes to watch your 2.33 minute production. LOL!

  6. LOL. I’m really sorry. I just have no control over any of those complaints. If there was something I could do to help you out I would.
    The only thing I can think of is just stop posting them….
    Anyway, thanks for the compliment. I think. I think it was a compliment. At least I think I think it was a compliment….

    • I know what I could do. If I knew what your favorite picture is, I could extend that frame and make it just stay there for a long period of time. I could loop the music a few times, but then you’d have to tell me how long I’d need to leave it there. Or is that too personal ? shock
      ……… I’m just kidding. I still love ya….

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