33 thoughts on “11yo Pedro part 2

    • then you becumm a brazil nut … uh oh ! did that just crack ? uh oh ! creamy nut brazen butter ? uh oh ! did that just get typed in ? ha ha ha — just having fun here heart

  1. VOTE FOR PEDRO>>>>I saw him the other night and a few months back…I remember his lovely cute face!! How could a true BL forget this boy…!!! Perfect age too!!! smile I was so in love with his face I had to keep staring at him …I had a few goes with him too… shock laugh So sexy I love his twinkling eyes..and that face OMG..Too HOT… dash good Will we see a Pedro 3 & 4 etc? I hope so…. inlove

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  2. Oh my and oh boy – he is totally cute, beautiful, pretty, adorable, sweet, awesome, amazing, and perfect in ever way – wow and holy cow – outstanding and incredible boy.

    • He’s sending a birthday message to his friend, a girl named Ju.

      He’s saying: “Ju, I wish you so many happiness. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your affection. And I hope your day has been very cool. Thank you very much! Kisses”

      in brazilian portuguese: “Jú, muitas felicidades. MUITO OBRIGADO pelo seu carinho. E que o seu dia tenha sido muito legal. MUITO OBRIGADO! Beijos!”

      good smile

  3. He says in the video: “Ju (can be a nickname for both a girl and a boy): many congratulations, thank you very much for your affection. May your day have been very cool. Thank you very much. Kiss”.

  4. OMG !!
    I can not even sleep at night thinking about his amazing angel face.
    I am literally crazy to observe its many beautiful long blond hair on his arms. His legs are too beautiful and hairy.
    I hope you, YesterdayFeelings can still post a lot of pictures of Pedro, with framing on his arms and legs.
    He has a little brother! it’s true? His brother is a hairy?
    Please, it helps me to post more by Pedro images. Also some other videos.

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