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  1. 14 huh?…..Hhmmmmm.Great age ….. good You are a handsome boy and don’t worry you will find someone your desired age as you state in your bio…But I DOUBT you will find that here. no Not that I or any of us I assume would want you to stop posting and chatting with us…no noo no Just curious though,With ALL the other forms of meeting boys your own age why here?….. sorry I mean Im not that old ..Im a tad…or two… laugh older…..But most members are not in your desired age group??…Anyway Im looking out for you not trying to be a dikk or anything…just watch out kiddo…….But have FUN…..oh and post more of your pretty eyes ..In COLOR please…They are so dreamy…… joy

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ OOOPS>>. That message was supposed to go to SJB 123.2002…. Not really you ..But after reading your post title I guess it could apply too…..And 13 is a great number too! laugh dash yes YOU are fabulous.. Love your hair,your eyes lips and nose…Your whole face and body are extremely hot……Very hot and you actually look 13 dash dash heart …I would love to accommodate yes your every wish…. good Please post more I will be waiting. smile

  3. Oh my and oh boy – you look great and you are very cute – thanks for sharing your pics and hope to see more pics soon. Hope you are able to find some friends here – I have a feeling you will – please feel free to pm me anytime – good luck and all the best to you.

  4. Wow, how many guys here actually believe that some random 12yo is going to find this site, look around on it and see what types of skin pics are posted by people here, and the comments given by men to the pics that are posted here on random days, and decide to post up a pic of themselves (supposedly) as a 12yo looking for a friend?? With all the other sites available to them, insta and snapcht etc. The header says 12, the pic says 13. How many real 12yo’s post a pic with their age splashed in the middle of it? Post up a new pic with your username used here on a piece of paper and holding it up for us, just erica… Then we’ll all believe that one. chuckle

    • hello, real 14 yo here, wtf am I supposed to do, there isn’t anyone in sc or Instagram, there isn’t anything to support me this is the only sights that I’ve found, so unless you can show me a site that I can speak to bi/gay boys my age I’ll be here hoping someone comes along, I’ll post a picture now that will be approved and actually posted of me with my username so all you non believers start believing becaus there are real nice 14 yo’s that exist.

    • ^^A new happy year back at ya boyaddicked. I always have my doubts, keeps me free. If you were 12 would you find this site, look around on it, and then put a cute pic of “yourself” here on this site looking for a friend? Plus I have never seen a 12yo post a pic on any site and admit they “need friend”. donkey But some may play along I guess. dash Anyway did you check all the comments back to you on razmus’s last post, there’s a couple you missed there while you were gone a few days, re the mods and your comments. drinks penguin cool

  5. Well IF I was too post my pics on [email protected] I would be hounded by all the hounds…. dog My 12 yo self was a hottie… yes Its a mix of a Scotty II…and Cody…. ( Of course older cause they are not 12) blush No one ever believes me when I say those things but I know what I looked like and when I see a boy that resembles me @that age its trippy!!! wacko There was one pic..(If I ever see it again I will let you know) Its not any famous boy but it was posted on BoB..It freaked me out because it wasn’t close or resemble..It looked exactly like me!! shock I had to look and look and almost printed a copy to ask my mom if that was really me?….I know I have it somewhere….Anyway… YES I did go back to the Razmus post and I am not sold on the explanations no ..not all of them anyway…. They are a tad different to what I was told a few months back but Oh well.As far as the answer given about your question of a post becoming private after it was deemed too revealing (IE: thongs and the like) and that it may provoke something…MEH…. no If it was good and “clean” enough to be posted on the “Public”post and everyone already saw it ,What difference does it make to now hide it make it now private and only let “Members” Re-view it? wacko Same as the posts marked “Private”….To me that only draws the suspicion of the powers that be towards the site….Like they are trying to hide something that’s on the cusp of not being on the up-n-up….Sorry just doesn’t seem logical to me,If there is nothing to hide why hide it…….. good This whole thing is NOT what it was when I first came here a year or whatever ago….The fun is fading fast….. cry

  6. If you came here to enjoy the other pics and comments you came to the right place. I don’t think you can expect to get a meaningful relationship here. If that is you (your pic) then you should not have any problem finding someone in your own local. You are a desirable (really hot) looking young man . There are plenty of guys here that would give you plenty attention but it would not necessarily be what you are looking for.

  7. Beautiful boy! heart dog

    But is this really you? penguin shock
    Because I have seen some other pics of this boy, some of which are quite playful ones diablo blush

    Regardless if it’s you or not, this boy is still such a cutie heart inlove chuckle

  8. Happy New year 2017 to this cute lovely boy and to all!
    Years ago I had a dream-there was such a cute blonde boy with a pink pullover and he allowed me in this dream I may hug him and kiss his cheek

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