16 thoughts on “Boys Assorted

  1. Love them, the older boy in number 1, I would love to unwrap that towel and see what he is hiding. laugh laugh laugh heart blush blush blush smile Number 3 is also cute. I would love to have some personal time with the one in number 5 laugh blush

  2. Kevin…What exquisite tastes you have yes you certainly have the discerning eye for prime boys…All of these boys are very cute,Not a dog in the bunch… dog Well there is a real dog and its a nice looking specimen too! smile My favs..IF I must choose are :#11 What a dream boy he is..WoW Face,body and what a tan too! # 12 a cutie pie what a look on his face he’s cute!! #14 My god those eyes!!! What a dreamer too! HOT! #19 I love his freckles and his face he is making…funny All these boys are hot!!! …I’ll take ’em all… laugh

  3. Oh my and oh boys – all of them are totally and completely cute, beautiful, pretty, adorable, sweet, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – incredible and outstanding boys – what a great set of assorted boy pics.

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