21 thoughts on “Fourth Post: Speedos!

  1. You are beautiful Ryan, and you have a body and overall appearance to be proud of. Next time, just post yourself – don’t post a professional photograph of models in speedos to compare yourself to. I hope you’re not comparing yourself to them – they’re obviously fit, but if you had that professional makeup, lighting, and photoshop those boys had in their shot, you would absolutely fit in with those three.

    • Well I would take him over those models any day…..He’s a natural no fluff boy…I like that…Love that I mean….. dash dash joy good As far as his fitness…Hmm Its a too each his own om sure ,But I love skinny a la naturale boys like Ryanbooo……Mmmm sexy he looks just right to me.

      • Ryan is pretty much perfect as far as his body goes,just the right amount of everything and so smooth. Just imagine if this boy was in a professional studio with the right lighting etc. He would just be drop dead gorgeous. And I agree, I prefer these type of pictures to the professional shoots,much nicer.

  2. Very nice body, you are and should be proud .
    Some nice feet I’m sure down there and flex those strong legs.
    I understand covering your face. But how about a nice armpit shot with one and on your head, you can show us your guns.

    Great sequence

    More please yes

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. blush
    I’d like to ask everybody who sees this a question. What should I do for my next post. I was thinking of doing a selection if difderent photos. I would like the next one to be enjoyed by everybody, as it may be my last post for reasons beyond my control.
    Much Thanks, Ryan.

    • Maybe show your face? Unless you are deliberately covering it for privacy but the REAL 14 year olds (hullo me) would like to see what’s up for grabs? I workout So check my post out when it does get posted and approved by mods in 1-4 days I think it takes, but if you have a cute face I’d love to pick you up and throw you on a bed in them speedos laugh

      • ^^ @SJB Listen here “Pretty Eyes”……. shock I wanna see your beautiful eyes next post too,Okay. good and Umm weres YOUR speedo shots??… laugh Id love to pick both of you up and throw youz in the bed………sans the speedos…… joy heart hug

    • Can you tell us why? Why go?…Dont go…Dont go… Dont go away…Please dont go…Cause I want you to stay……..I think thats an old skool song laugh No really though can you say why? We love you here!! heart heart inlove hug

  4. Your underwear pics are great but some nice tight jeans , shorts , speedos ,

    Feet lots of feet fans here.
    Smooth legs, smooth or just slightly furry pits. Collar bones, smooth chests ,
    And always bulges and butts, and you have a great of both . You can get up to 10 pictures to a post

  5. Oh my and oh boy – you look great – thanks for sharing your pics and look forward to more pics of you. Sorry to hear that the upcoming pics will be your last and I guess that means you will be leaving blog too – sorry to hear that. I wish you good luck and all the best to you now and in the future and please feel free to pm me before you leave the blog – bye for now.

  6. As I said in above comment I think your body is perfect…I like how your stomach is flat and you have an upper body like a swimmer…Not all bulky and bloated like some over muscled steroid inflated guy..You look slim and slender and natural….Thats naturally tasty and hot…. dash dash I wouldn’t have to think twice about picking you over a muscle bound boy..and I hope your not thinking that I think you dont have muscles…You DO..and I see you have a great love muscle too….. laugh squirrel I just had too….. laugh Hope you post more…and I know its obvious you dont wanna show your face But thats what I would want to see…If your asking?…But anything more will do….C-ya BOO… inlove

  7. Definitely the best post today! Ryan you have an incredible body and I absolutely love the pictures you have taken of yourself,so hot! You have a lot of confidence and my favourite is pi4. Wow!

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