25 thoughts on “He needs Subs

  1. Oh my and oh boys – what exactly was he doing in the video? The boys in the pics and video boy are cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – outstanding and incredible boys. Hope to see more of video boy here on the blog soon.

    • I think they are happy playing around with each other, they’re just having fun, you can see a bit of a smirk on the victim there, maybe call it play acting, maybe foreplay? yes Pretty soon they will be wrestling around on the floor and then ? gamer4

      • Of course you cant see my comment Its being held up again for no reason… ..Its the same old crapola in 20017..All that Rhetoric… no Empty words and false promises…. help

        • Ooops ..I meant 2017….. I just skipped hundreds of years….Its a Freudian slip I guess..cause it will probably take that long to mod and post my comments…… laugh

          • @boyaddicked I saw your comment, you were rippin on newi, it was here. Then I posted mine right after yours, then yours disappeared. Its like the bermuda triangle’s comment section wherever you are. dash wacko

            • I do have to say that I DID EDIT for this comment this time…and Sascha did say that that will trigger a moderation So at least on this ONE it happened that way Its still here now and I can see it but its still being held back……..Im not going to do that(Edit) and see what happens…I mizzsahspeled wurdz annda theey warie fixdid So YOU dont rip me on my spelling……LOL…. heart uh…. laugh AND P.S. I didnt rip Newi……..Dont get me in trouble with anymore then I already am…. laugh

          • @addickedboy I don’t know who ‘anymore’ is, but ok I won’t get you in trouble with them. Yes I know this reply is in the wrong place, but after you get down the line far enough you cant reply anymore but it just had to be done. Also, yes you did yes , and no I dont rip on your spelling it was just a we’re were thing. squirrel Remember there is also the ‘moderation que’ that S mentioned, he’s sitting on the throne and can’t mod your comment right away so just relax a bit, it will come eventually…you are so anti establishment diablo laugh dash hug

    • Gut punching iz sumtimez innocent fun adolescent prank stunt trend all over utube & elsewhere so itz just common juvenile ponyboy horseplay for yur pederast entertainment i think after studying it over time & enjoying every minute of their comradery thru pain, goofball embarassment, showoff pride & other stimuli that attractz boyz towardz eachother & alwayz haz=in other wordz, gut punching iz a rite to passage among boy culture so i think this foto capturez that rowdy supposedly straightboy spirit of rambunctious horseplay that bondz teenboy friendshipz. gamer4

  2. @Newi…You are so cute….. laugh Dude Its not real no ……But if that’s how you feel ..you are entitled to… good There are A LOT of Posts and comments and over-moderation on this site that Id be tickled pink if they were gone…but I guess that’s what we get with variety..A little of this and a little of that….. dog

  3. Awesum post with needy hottiez like last 4 scrumptiously tender bois but kalvinkline kid iz superior dominant over me n charmingly sweet & tangy dyk wayz¡! wacko Hez got me cumpletely sold on that yungpotent uncutdyk¡!

  4. Love Stomach Vacuum boy Id put a Lil suction on that tummy and beyond squirrel shock … # 6-7-8&9.Love the extra scrawniness of those boys Love seeing their skinny boy ribs and noodle arms..Thats so boy sexy…. heart good Love those smooth hairless pits too..a definite liquefest…… squirrel laugh

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