More Some “Cutes”: New Years


Who is the cutest?

As always comments are welcome.











I plan to pause and scale back my postings in 2017.  But please continue to PM.  Your interest and comments are most welcome.  Thank you.

The BEST to you in 2017.


27 thoughts on “More Some “Cutes”: New Years

    • smile picture number nine made me cry. now why girls fall in love. now why they and we build churches. now why the god that does not exist is our out there any way we make it. thank you for the post dash

  1. Oh my and oh boys – I have no idea who is the cutest – so it’s a 8 way tie between 1..2..3..4..5…6…8…10 – wow and holy cow. Thanks for your posts – sorry you will not do as many posts in 2017 but look forward to whatever you do post in the upcoming year. Happy 2017 to you and to everyone and wishing you and everyone a peaceful, safe, healthy, and happy 2017. And feel free to pm me anytime.

  2. Too bad u wanna slow down cuz i think u really shouldnt hold back since this may be yur calling, meistro¡! gamer By the way,#1, 4 & last kid have a tie goin on here for worshipping wacko

  3. WoW Jake..Yeah I agree…Your posts are always the highlight of the evening…. laugh This time Im really loving…#3-&4 Bunches… inlove 3 Just has such a beautiful smile and face.. Im melting for him….#4 too look at that face and smile OMG..Too much and usually super macro close-ups are all blurry but these are crystal clear like #4 I could just kiss him…#5 His eyes are amazing like #6and #7 sexy nose ( some people dont get the nose thing chuckle ) but I do…and #8 sexy lil redhead…ALL of them are hot but those are my Favs today anyway…. laugh You know us BL’s theres always another one that comes along… Looking forward to however many posts you do in 2017…Thanks For all of the past post!! heart

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