29 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 37

    • #3 it is Jimmy, everyone knows Jimmy Tonik,, there are hundred of pictures of this boy. The #4 is more rare, I think I have only one other picture of this young nice boy. I posted it here, many weeks ago. But I can try to find it once again hug

  1. G…There is so many different forms of beauty for different reasons….#1 The B&W pic and the solitude of the boy is fantastic#4 His eyes are very beautiful#5 The joy and happiness on his face shows through His dark skin and the contrast with his teeth and eyes along with the purple headdress make great photography!! good #5 Those two boys both babies in their own way is very adorable and shows so much love..Its priceless…. cry OKAY Now #6 Thats just too damn sexy….. laugh Its artful yes yes but its not ART that im thinking about when I look at him… laugh Ha ha…That one can come home with me..I will do the Photography alright dash dash Great Post ..an Happy New Year to you.

  2. hi Gaiato
    thanks for the 2 nices pic 3 and 4 of jimmy tonik good good good
    you have just made my day good once again thank you very much
    please keep up the good work you are doing for all of us on this site
    i look forwards to more of your pic of jimmy he has growing up to a nices teenager
    its a pitty he dos not have a fan club we would 100% join it right away .
    i look forward to seeing more of him again. yes
    Jason from the u.k drinks

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