Absolute Mix 2017 Edition

Let 2017 be another boy-loving year. Here is a sneak of what content I will post the next year.
1: Wet
2: Squads
3: Couples
4: Blondes
5: Sports
6: Models
..and so much more ;)

15 thoughts on “Absolute Mix 2017 Edition

  1. I love #10. He’s so hot and i love his butt. I want to be friends with him i want to kiss him, hug him, and cuddle him. inlove inlove hug hug heart heart heart heart Also i want to see more of him.

  2. I like the following pictures: Number 4- the wetsuit boys (I wonder if they went “commando”? Number 7- the red swimsuit boy OMG!!!, and number 10- what a fantastic butt he has!!!! I’d love to go swimming with these boys ANYTIME!!! smile inlove joy hug inlove

  3. Oh my and oh boy – great mix of pics to kick off 17 – my fav has got to be the blondie braces boy on the left in pic 5 is just too much – he is totally and completely cute, pretty, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – he is incredible and outstanding – he is the complete package – hope to see more pics of him. Thanks for preview and look forward to more pics from you in 2017.

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