26 thoughts on “Just boys!

    • I noticed that too. I bet that even though it was just a flash, others at that party besides the photographer noticed as well. Maybe they convinced him to take it all the way off and show the whole crowd his beautiful body and huge nipples.

  1. Boy number 4 is absolutely scrumptious with his button nose and soft soft skin.

    Here is my hope: I save the last boy and, in gratitude, he becomes my boy for ever and ever. His eyes hold me captive.

  2. Oh my and oh boys – the last 4 boys are too much – they are totally and completely cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys.

  3. #4 Is too hot I love the look on his face kind of a naughty boy look…. yes Too cute love that face on him and that bum sitting on his skateboard…He is a really hot young boy!!! dash dash #5 Ive seen him he is a model He is gorgeous as well as the last pic…Oh those pretty f’in eyes…and #2 Love those hot tummy’s…

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