16 thoughts on “second post

  1. Cute little boy in #4. Do you know what’s happening? Obviously a sports event, maybe some kind of far eastern boxing.
    I’m unemployed so I’m thinking of going in to that line of work – doing up little boys jockstraps, cups, supports. Looks like the kind of work I’d be good at.

    • ^^ ^^ @Socrates1984 Thats Muy Thai Boxing……Its a sport yes…but unfortunately some of those little darlings are kinda pushed into it for economic reasons in Thailand.

  2. Oh my and oh boys – boys in tub is adorable and sweet pic, boys in last pic – awesome and amazing nipples – holy cow, and first 3 boys are totally cute and beautiful.

  3. 1st pic is edited. He is wearing a silk red thong basically. Used to be a signature pic for one of the staff on the old boylovers.net site (legal site).

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