23 thoughts on “shirtless Boys – very cute part3

  1. Iz that Tickle Me Silly Elmo or Mr. Potatohead on the first kidz potentknuttz¿? squirrel Oh itz just me UncleD. down there slurpin away for hourz & then sk8rboy sagger n blue boxerz can spend the nite again az i lyck up his sweaty buildup. gamer4 Actually not a bad one n the bunch so good post gamer now im seein wabbitz everywhere like on teletubbiez back n da day

    • Really huh?….Its like im down there… squirrel and im looking up to see if hes close…. yes Ive seen this pic before and always loved it,,,He knows what he was doing when he took it… yes Love the pic of the three boys…I will help the horny one out no problem…I will wreck that thing…lol… chuckle

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