The return of the Private

Hello there , for those who don’t know me i am PrivateJ , fir those whose do long time no see.

Well I am back for good , for a while .

But I do bring gifts of photos of exquisite specimens in the shape of some pretty spicy little lads. If I do say so myself.

If you do want to speak or get to know me , please do or or even want to know the instagrams of the lads below, just pop me a PM and say hi. I am 17 and I try not to be the scary one . Haha . Anyhow on with the show , enjoy …

12 thoughts on “The return of the Private

  1. n°1 is such a darling, such a sweetheart. Isaac looks magnificent. There is a reason Will is so popular. Bram does look lovely, and if you combine it with the professional eye of Gunter is becomes truly great work.

  2. Oh my and oh boy – I think 1 is my fav – he is totally cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and perfect – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boy. Welcome back to blog – thanks for your intro and for your pics – look forward to more pics from you soon.

  3. Dont know you PJ BUT…Glad you are “Back”… good Its obvious you have the talent of picking some of THE finest sexy boys..I love them all- But the first three..OMG(especially #2)..and William is a big fav of mine good They are all hot and yes the last pic is Hmm lets say interesting….. laugh As long as he is pleasured and not hurt Im with it….. yes Cant wait to see more from you…and again Welcome Back…… heart Umm wait one though…Any pics of YOU… blush

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