17 thoughts on “Cutie from IG

  1. It is in the boy’s nature to flex and show off muscles and the boys here do a great job at that. #1 is a progress pucture (before/after) and he’s put wuite a lot of muscle. The last picture is my favorite though – great abs without even flexing them

    • You should see my transformation, he already naturally had abs, lucky but some are lucky, I was skinny and just had a flat stomach no abs at all, now I have a six pack and muscles, look out for my next post should be coming soon

  2. Oh my and oh boy – golden state boy is golden all the way – no doubt about it – wow and holy cow – he is incredible, outstanding, and perfect – he is total complete package here.

  3. Even i knew what IG waz but never been there either cuz i’m too old for all that on top of everything else. Like anybody i know iz there anyway except for maybe a niece or nephew¿? And like they wood ever wanna pinch or friend whatever they call it boring old azz me or so they ignorantly think, yeah rite. Anyway, cool set of adolescent teen boyz & go Steph Curry, (#30) GO WARRIORZ or DUBZ (short for W) az we call them within blockz of where their new stadium will break ground n SF n just a few weekz!! gamer4

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