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  1. Jami, I have gotten to really look foward to these post you put up. The pictures and music are great . Thanks for the time you spend doing these.

  2. Wow. Beautiful! heart
    Jami you did it again.

    Mastery – 25%
    Photos – 25%
    Creativity – 25%
    Music – 15%
    Video – 10%

    A total of 100% awesomeness laugh penguin

    I like the pink in 1:02 so cooooool penguin
    I love to wear pink-colored t-shirts itssss cooool cool good laugh

  3. Jami, really nice job on this one, like all of your creations… I think your skills doing these will take you places in your future, keep up the great work. Btw, yes @1:49 that is a nice pic, very nice…I think he is pulling them down yes . Had to pause a few minutes on that one…Wish I could save that one pic by itself, like some others you have tucked in your vid, but it’s all good like this too. Keep ’em coming hug good

  4. Oh my and oh boy – another excellent job by Jami – wonderful music, great pics, and perfect boys – the video master strikes again with a home run video – thanks again for another awesome and amazing video.

  5. A couple of days ago, a man friend of mine and myself exchanged comments on a video I uploaded to my YouTube channel. Someone chimed in and said, ” You are dirty, filthy pedophiles.” And suggested we go kill ourselves. I’m not above taking advice from time to time, but I thing I’ll pass on that idea… cry

    • Don’t forget : Albert Einstein said : “There are 2 infinite things ; Universe and Human Stupidity. But for the Universe I’m not sure…” Never mind about so stupid answer like this bad imbecile man said ! Just go on and let the dogs bark on the peacefully passing caravan, as we said here. Thanks for your nice video. I adopted boys and sometimes I heard that why because I was a pedophile. Never mind, always stupidity is the most prevalent thing in the world. hug

      • We did not respond to him, why bother… I deleted his comment and barred him from making any more.
        The interesting thing is he was and still is subscribed to my channel… Why? I don’t know. Maybe the stupidity you speak of… Sheesh…

        • It was probably the same idiot who told me that I was a paedophile on one of my YouTube videos. Believe it or not, that particular video was a classical music video. It was because the composer used a poem by Dowson who fell in love with an 11 year old girl. For posting the composer’s music, I was called a paedophile, and so was the composer!!! Human stupidity is totally unbelievable, – and totally stupid.

  6. jamiboydancer, your channel on Youtube unfortunately blocked, and to me your music and videos from boys liked. If you want you can register on Dailymotion.com and add there own videos

  7. Yes sir. They wiped everything out. Broke my heart and I don’t even know why they did it.
    It will not stop me though. I will keep doing what I do and being who I am.
    I love Boys and I love Boylovers, so (F) them. I’ll find another way.

  8. I have kept everything I’ve ever done and there are many of them.
    Everything even remotely related to the things I’ve done.
    I’ve already figured out way I think I can post to BoB, which is what I wanted anyway, so as long as guys want me to keep posting, I will… (((kiss)))

  9. @jami what happened to your youttube, the vids not working…I just watched it like a day ago. You had it and the others under the ‘adult’ section, even though they didn’t have to be, and there was nothing wrong with them, did you complain to get it back up? I didnt get a chance to watch all of them, and you worked so hard on them for all of us to see. cry hug

    • I know there are others on youtub with vids similar to those you had, and they are still around, and probably longer than you were. I wonder if that guy you had that msg from a couple days ago flagged it or someone did. But there isn’t any reason to terminate. No rules broken. I hope you can complain and get somewhere or make a new youtubee maybe, we will all miss seeing your stuff there. I guess you can always just put them here for now, but still youtubbe needs a kick in the @ rtfm

    • @ jami I knew I should have did a snip of the hottie at 1:49 in this vid. Now he’s gone. Oh well, maybe you can stick the vids here for us now, and nobody will terminate you. Let Sascha know if you’re having an issue with someone from here, remember there are community rules on this site. Number 5 says “Keep in mind we share the same interests here. Harassment… of another person will not be tolerated.” “If you become aware of any person that is breaking rules, please contact us.” Just an idea, site banning here is as good as a youtub terminate, ya think? rtfm hug

  10. Got Zapped here because of rejecting some creepy guys advances?….Maybe IT IS a good idea NOT to become a member like everyone else says I should…(Well NOT everyone but a few have suggested) Let the Haters HATE …They thrive off of it possible “Get off” on it… shock I happened to love your vids and while its BS that they are removed from YT ,On a positive mote…If you do get them on BoB .. I (we) can now download them easier….Ive seen a lot of great YT videos that I wanted to simply download from BoB but cant because they were YT specific…..(I know you can DL from YT) but its not the same as when your already here on BoB. As for YT They, like a lot of Tech Companies and the like are very far Left…”Left wing politically,Morally, and socially…and its either their way or their way…. laugh Some jerk-off complains and poof your gone.Just like here on BoB ..some whining sniveling bitch complains and my comments are reported and eliminated from view..So be it. Good Luck Jamiboy…YOU JUST DO YOU………you’ll be fine! yes heart

    • Jami.. I like It here on BoB too!! Otherwise I wouldn’t be here…Maybe you misunderstood or misread what I meant…The comment on being “Zapped” or reported was not a reflection or slur on BoBs Character……. but on people (Like the guy who reported/complained about you) who reported me for the slightest reasons..Thats all. You said above that ” There was also a guy from here who was after me because I rejected his advances over and over” Thats what lead to my comment…It had nothing to do with me liking or not liking BoB… heart …Just to clear that up to you… smile heart

  11. Ok, I understand what you mean. I just don’t want anyone to think I’m unhappy with BoB, cuz I’m not. I totally respect the guys who created this site. I think they’re doing a good thing.
    As for the guy who approached me, I knew when I came here I would have some issues like that. The only thing he did wrong was not to back off a little when I asked him to. If he had, I would have been perfectly ok being friends with him.
    It’s not like I’m a prude or anything, I like men and especially men who like boys. I’m happy when men contact me but that guy just was going way too fast and had actually researched me and had pinned me down within a couple of miles of my house and thay was a little scary since I didn’t even know him.
    I WANT to talk to men and understand man/boy relationships. I’m not one of those people who thinks Boylover is a bad word. To me, Boylover is a good word…

  12. Jami..I understand and don’t want to lecture …BUT from experience…boy type experience I have had my share of “stalkers” no shit… yes and men that wont and don’t take NO for an answer…Unfortunately there are a lot of very mentally disturbed and psycho people out there that have way too many issues and you should NOT give then anymore info then you may have or mistakenly have …Sometimes its the slightest thing in a normal/regular friendly type of conversation that you may say that seems innocuous at the time…but some of these guys are super predators and can gleam even the most innocent of info you give them. From what I see and hear (read) from you …You seem like a sweet person ..a good boy..LoL hug THAT unfortunately is what can lead a weirdo to take advantage of you ….Just be YOU…but be CAREFUL……… heart * So give me your home address and phone number and I will try and keep them away from you Okay? Aha ha ha LMFAO…….. laugh laugh * You know that was a joke right??..LoL chuckle Sometimes in tense situations a little levity goes a long way…..Hope you got a laugh out of that…I did … laugh

    • LOL… You’re sweet, funny & crazy. But you’re right. I’m learning. 99% of the men here have been really nice to me. Most everyone here has been good and accepting of me. I wasn’t sure They would even want me here, but most everyone has been very cool.
      I’m happy for that and I hope to keep hearing from the guys. I don’t want people to think I’m like some of the young guys who come here self promoting and teasing and game playing. I’m not like that. In fact, I’ve never once made first contact with anyone here. The only men I’m talking with are guys who have first contacted me.
      I never came here “looking” for anything. Ma, Boy or anything in between.
      I just want to be part of what’s going on and participate.
      I prolly said before, but I’ll say again, I love boys, I love men who love boys.
      I will be more cautious in the future, but I’m not afraid….

  13. jamiboydancer, telling you create your account on the dailymotion website and add to their video. I was there too, is there. And I’ll add you to friends

  14. Hopefully he is Okay..He may have had a touch of “Boy fever”….”Boy – yngitis” :Boy Fluenza” laugh ..He is a strong boy!….But yes Hope he is good! yes

  15. Jami .I hope you are getting Better I think you will find your condition has been made worse by the upset you have suffered over the last few days stress we all know is a killer we are all routing for you we all on the BLOG love your Video’s So we all hope you get well soon we all know how important you art and Video making is to you and we ALL WISH YOU WELL. I almost brings me to tears knowing the pain you are in.
    How do you cope with hate towards you I have always been told by my parents that If we love all of our fellow men then the world will be a better place, Someone is obviously not liking what you do, So I ask myself, I was Hurt and Abused for 5 years at school, but my parents told me that if I forgave them and loved them their inner love would come out and they would be happy and the hurt they did to me would when this happened stop. All people have a good loving inner core but sometimes it takes time to come out to the surface but being assured by my parents they would change to loving me and not hurting me. As I know you live on on a knife edge of life or death, It is a shame there are people out there trying their best to finish you off. Hope you are well soon.

  16. I think it is the right time to say this and make myself a man.
    I am that person that Jami described. I am the one who said “I hate him from the bottom of my heart.” I uttered this words out of jealousy and insecurity. There is a story behind all those those words and I cannot make it public.
    It was never my intention to say those words, never was. It just came out because of the problem I faced. That day I said those words I was searching for someone to comfort me. My family is moving to other country and I hate it, of which I am now here.
    I am not his stalker nor taking any advances from him. Jami knew it that I am not. I never said anything dirty nor any seductive words to him unless if Jami would deny it publicly.
    I would like to express my deepest and sincere apology to Jami and to the public for those words that I have uttered. It affected Jami and the members of this blog as well. I regretted it very much. If Jami and you all will forgive me, i will be grateful and my heart will be at ease.
    But if you want to condemn me for those words that I have said, i have nothing else to do but accept it, since I cannot ammend of what I have done.
    And if you condemn me about the YT Channel of Jami, I won’t accept it. I want to make it clear I have done nothing wrong against Jami nor to his YT Channel. I knew nothing of what had happened. I swear to Jami, to the public or to the members of this blog that I knew nothing of what had happened to that YT Channel. In fact, I am fond of Jami’s vids almost all of them I watched. I knew very well the effort he has done on that vids.

    Finally, @Jami. Forgive me for those words. My mind, that day, says I hate you but my heart says the opposite. If you cannot forgive its fine. I will ponder it in my heart. If you blame me for you YT channel again I would say I have done nothing about it. So please stop blaming me, if you can. If you still won’t believe me then fine, put the blame on me, I will take it even if I have done nothing. sorry cry

  17. Eboy13.
    As I said in my comments at 4.31pm. what ever hate we have within us will always eventually come out. Your honesty has just proved my parents advice to me as correct.
    It takes something tinny to release that inner love .. I bet you feel at peace now that you malice has gone you feel great.
    I am sure that when Jami is well enough to answer you he will in a way be very happy with your openness and integrity. It is a pity the YT Devil has not got the Guts and courage that you have shown here. To come forward, I hope he or she is happy the way they have tried to destroy such a young talented life.
    If we all love each other this kind of thing would not happen. I don’t have it in me to carry hate forward as I know it would in turn eat my inner soul away,
    Lets all think of Jami whilst he mends.
    Love you all , without malice. Blondblueeys54

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