40 thoughts on “Little bit of DANNY won’t be harmfull

    • YES I have the KEY…to your dreams……. laugh yes This is NOT from me personally It was from a Cool ass member who is not posting anymore,He was nice enough to leave me a link to a bot i fell in love with named “DANTE”…Even though he doesn’t have Braces…. laugh I am Ga GA over him I mean BAD!!! dash dash dash So there is not all this message to confuse you I will post the info for you to look up yourself as me not being a member I cannot post “clickable links pots links (I don’t think) laugh Please let me know that you got this…Like I said RAZMUS did this for me (Dante) and for ALL MEMBERS as a X-Mas gift ..Please see path below.

    • Well now its above.Here>> Cause they modded my comment and you wont see it til tomorrow Go to “search” Look for Members Choice-Dante (Razmus) scroll down to Razmus-December 20, [email protected]:13 “A Christmas Gift for you all”-more Dante. He has a clickable link that will take you to Modlboy dot in….click that and you will find a crap load of modelboy pics including laughannydream” about 90 pics………Have fun and go crazy…..I have to be honest if it was a more favorite boy I may have kept him to myself…… chuckle

      • @boyaddicker they finally got ya lol…welcome to the moderation que, you are number 69 in line, please be patient and someone will post you shortly…bummer I have 4 comments waiting for 5 hours now for f’n moderation, one was a link here for danny. Probably the same as yours. Zorro, if you’ve read this far here is the link for danny
        But I now have this waiting moderation thing figured out boyaddickey, I know that this comment will post right away. Read my waiting comment on how I know that when it posts sometime this week dash dash diablo

        • Thank you for Zorro..and me too I guess.. I didn’t know that if I put a link it would work..But since me and you are in the same category as non members I guess If your link works so should mine…..Oh now I have to wait to read about how you figured out how to get a comment posted like all the other boys in class….. laugh I cant wait to come back tomorrow to read it….P.S. That mod Que que is bullshit…… no I don’t buy that one bit! no I told you I may just stop commenting or change my username and go super proxy w/no visible IP address if they keep this up….. yes

        • @boyaddicked Freudian slip much? laugh but you can’t put it in if you put it on dash and then you wonder why you’re always ‘awaiting moderation’ chuckle I wonder how fast he could get out of that singlet swimsuit thing if he had to go to the bathroom really bad…like diarhea bad dash wacko

  1. Wait if you have it figured out how is it now stuck in the ” mythical” que?” laugh I”ll read it tomorrow I cant take anymore of this crap….. boredom boredom boredom bye-bye. hug

  2. boyaddicked____danke maaaan for LINK…but this pictures were taken from that page you know?!
    i was searching full set …after mdl boys and boi torrenz were shut down and onlyhot chans forum restricted access to boy_s page ….
    so man sad news in one comment sad

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