13 thoughts on “Me

  1. You look good…But Ive never seen a 15 year old with a receding hairline like that… Not possible….. sorry sorry just saying…..15?…. no no way. But like they and I said you have a nice body ..smooth !

  2. laugh Oh ho now….. that’s just plain cruel…… no You are so terrible… diablo chuckle Its not that the hair was cut..Its just not there…meaning to me he is over 30.

    • Yeah I know, it’s just fun giving you shet yes At least the comment posted right away. I got 3 that have been waiting for moderation for 4 hours now. I think S confused me for you, must be back on the throne or taking a nap dash

  3. laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh SHHHHHHHHHHH Dont say anything..I haven’t even had ONE modded.. yet…and It wont be here today..Trust me ,So stop waiting…..It shows up the next day… anger Good Luck….. laugh

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