34 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 38

    • I have a nice Suzy cat and I do this for many years, like other cats I had all along my life. Never happened anything, only sweet kisses and soft legs. When you love your cats and if your cat loves you, never will happen!
      I don’t know who is the #4 and what he has in the jar. I just found this picture very nice hug

      • You’re very lucky, If I try to kiss my cat he gets frightened and takes a swipe at me. I think he’s afraid I’ll bite him. It’s a rescue cat and I think he must have had a bad time in his earlier life. smile

        • I had too rescue cats, and classic cats born in a nice house. No one had ever been frighten by anything.They used to sleep into my bed and on my pillow. I just ask they if I may go into my bed ! laugh

  1. The first one reminds me of my boyfriend Steve in high school, except he had green eyes. These are all great. Love the exotic boy with the steaming vase on his shoulder! Then there’s Jimmy! He is SO sexy! Thanks, love your entire post. Dave

  2. Oh my and oh boys – 3…5..6..and last two pics are too much – totally and completely cute, pretty, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys – complete package boys here.

  3. thank again Gaiato
    for the 2 lovey pic of erik and jimmy (pic 1 and 8)
    you are a star please keep up the good work you are doing
    i look forwards to more of erik and jimmy soon again
    once again thank you very much friend good good good
    Jason from the u.k

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