23 thoughts on “Requested Loads: More of Me

    • Oh I’m sorry to disappoint, I’ll do shorts for my leg muscle which has been requested but I’m afraid I don’t really feel comfortable posting just me in my pants or as you Americans know it as underwear, privacy reasons, sorry sad sorry

  1. Shorts , calves, thighs and feet, love seeing tense hamstrings and Achilles . Side views please. Great work bud, love the sinew over the collar bones and abs . Not undies but shorts from two years ago would look great . What is your waist size

  2. Whats the “Kane # 10” Jersey in the background for …Are you a Black hawks fan? You look great..Who is Oooo wing in the background of your vid? He sounds hot too!!!

  3. Your muscles are extremely hot and attractive. Your arms are thick and the flexed baseball biceps looks strong. Pecs, washboard abs, developed lats, wide shoulders – amazing. I so wish I was there next to you, we could flex our muscles together, compare them and check their size and firmness

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