Hayden Rolence Part 1

Hayden Rolence (age 12) is a child actor from Aurora, Illinois who plays Nemo in las summer’s hit Disney•Pixar movie, Finding Dory. I have gathered some of my favorite photos from his Instagram & Twitter pages and will post them in a series here. He’s really cute. He is currently in 7th grade.

His Twitter and Instagram usernames are the same, being @haydenrolence

I would highly recommend checking out his Instagram videos, which include live footage of concerts he’s been to, a clip from a Finding Dory premiere interview, a Christmas show he went to, and him playing the piano (he’s an outstanding musician!) He was even a part of the Aurora city parade last summer!


I would also recommend going to ABC Chicago’s website and searching for his name there – he’s got two great Finding Dory-related interviews (the more recent of which contains some personal stuff and footage from twin sister Meadow Rolence), which were released back in June 2016 and November 2016.

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