48 thoughts on “New here…

  1. VERY NICE! I love your selections. My eyes keep going back to the boy looking up sitting on a white sofa. His lightly freckled face with those eyes and those lips… sigh. Welcome to the neighborhood guys.

  2. Oh my and oh boys – 1..3 through 7 are too much – totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow. Welcome to blog and congrats on first post – hope to see more pics soon.

  3. @DarkerBlue.. You may be new HERE…but you aren’t new to having a keen eye for the hottest boys no WoW what a great first post… good All of the boys are 10’s and then some….Its so impossible to pick just one …But I love #1 He is a doll…very sexy!! 3-4&5 Out of this world HOT..and the last boy is so F*^%IN SEXY…Love them all…Keep posting!!!

  4. wow i love pic 2 the best laugh
    i love boys who are not one bit shy of showing of there nices bulge
    hope to see more of you soon again and welcome to the blog good good good
    Jason from the u.k drinks

  5. Yeap, u definitely found your calling & u sparked lotsa (california slang) commentz so awesum thanx 4 posting & i like yur taste in adolescent boyz. joy ive never seen any of these i dont think so i pick first two, last two & adorable kid n blue shirt lookin up at me with dreamy Darker Blue eyez, that must be u, right¿? laugh Young hunk pimpprince n #2 woke my again vurgin azz rite up & got me ALL spruhung on yur tastyboy post for sure shock ¡¡!! I am in my mid 50’z kinda proud pederast n SanFran az is sumone else who u will see A LOT on this site who i didnt realize i already kinda knew n person b4 we figured it out n real time cuz we live n da same damned building for heavenz sake so go figure cuz the chancez of that are amazing. So u never know where this hobby will lead u¡¡!! gamer

  6. Welcome and very nice selection, love the 1st boy in white, what a hottie, the second boy looks yummy and the 6th boy in the soccer kit with his legs spread open is very hot looking.

    Thanks for the post and welcome my like minded friend.

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